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“e-Commerce sales in China reached US$1.1trillion in 2018, accounting for approximately 36% of all retail sales within the country….”

Chinese e-Commerce Market Overview

China is currently experiencing an enormous growth in its e-Commerce industry. Globally, more than 41% of the total worldwide e-Commerce transactions in 2018 came from China alone.

In 2018 there was more than 800 million internet users and over 400 million mobile internet users in the country. The Chinese government has an ambitious target to connect 1.2 billion people (85% of the population) to 3G or 4G mobile internet by 2020.

e-Commerce sales in China are reached US$1.1 trillion in 2018, accounting for approximately 36% of all retail sales within the country.

“Singles Day” occurs on the 11th of November each year. A massive digital shopping day, celebrates singles in China and specifically targets online shopping. In 2018 singles day alone generated A$42.4 billion (2017 – A$33 billion) in sales. In fact almost A$2 billion dollars of merchandise was sold within two minutes.

e-Commerce Solutions

There are currently four main trading options for foreign businesses wishing to sell online in China.

  • Sell directly from a website that is hosted outside of China
  •  Sell directly from a self-owned and operated website in China
  •  Sell through a third party B2C online platform within China
  •  Sell through special government approved cross border pilot platforms

China Trade Services

e-Commerce in China is by no means an easy exercise. The complex regulatory framework can sometimes be overwhelming for business owners wishing to commence selling their goods online in China.

China Trade Services can assist businesses establish and maintain an online presence in China, ensuring the appropriate government registrations, licenses and approvals to sell online are in place, third party payment provider and banking arrangements are established and product warehousing, distribution and logistics are well organised.

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