Australian Agribusiness

“The Australian agribusiness sector is ideally placed to meet the increasing demand from China for high quality “Clean and Green” Australian farm produce….”

Australian Agribusiness Market Overview

Australian agribusiness is an important component of the Australian economy, with two thirds of all agriculture production being exported in 2017-18. Australia’s top four exports markets in 2018 were China (19.7%), United States (10.3%), Japan (9.5%) and EU28 (6.15%). Over the past twenty years, the production and exports of beef, wine and dairy products have increased significantly in response to growing overseas demand for higher value products, especially from China.

Australia’s diverse climate, rainfall patterns and soil types, sustain a wide range of agribusiness enterprises, including: tropical and temperate horticulture; inland and coastal aquaculture; the production of grains, oilseeds and fibres; grazing and feed lotting of livestock; thoroughbred breeding; forestry and the production of timber products.

Australia enjoys several advantages. Our geographic isolation and leading quarantine and monitoring regime help preserve a reputation for high quality production. Furthermore, our proximity to Asian markets and the implementation of free trade agreements are extremely beneficial.

China Market Overview:

China is the second largest agricultural importer in the world, behind the US. It is predicted that China will account for 43% of the global growth in agricultural product demand by 2050.

Chinese consumers like “clean, green and organic”, in order to facilitate their wellbeing.

China has now overtaken Japan, USA and the European Union as Australia’s No 1 agriculture trading partner.

Popular products that are currently doing well in China include butter, fresh milk or milk products, wine, nutrition and health supplements, beef, seafood, organic eggs, some fruits, berries and nuts.


In 2018 China consumed 30 per cent of world rice, 22 per cent of world maize and 17 per cent of world wheat. Additionally, 50% of world pork production was consumed by China

How China Trade Services can help:

Australia is rated by Chinese companies as being one of the most attractive agri-food investment destinations.

There is a growing interest in bi-lateral Investment between Australia and China.

There is strong investment interest in Australian diary, meat, poultry, seafood, grains, wine, sugar and food processing.

China Trade Services was established to be a complete “End to End” Trade and Business Service provider, working closely with and assisting Australian businesses achieve their export aspirations and their overseas expansion goals, specifically in China.

CTS Agribusiness Solutions, include:

  • Understanding your business export aspirations.
  •  Local understanding of Chinese government policies, regulations and procedures.
  •  Building the “right” relationships – including local business partners, customer and supplier due diligence.
  •  Translation of your business profiles and product information into Chinese.
  •  Business/ Investment partner matching.
  •  Review marketing, promotion, customer service, social media and product material for the Chinese market.

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